Participate in an approved QI/MOC project

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Connecticut Children’s Practice Quality Improvement Program's           Project Requirements

Connecticut Children's is approved by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) as a Portfolio Sponsor under the Pediatric Portfolio Sponsor Program. As an ABP MOC Part 4 Portfolio Sponsor, Connecticut Children's evaluates, develops and approves its own QI/MOC projects against ABP standards for MOC. Projects meeting the ABP standards criteria for MOC Part 4 become part of the Connecticut Children's Portfolio.

The diagram below summarizes the steps for participating in a Connecticut Children’s Practice Quality Improvement project. If you are already enrolled in an QI/MOC project and have questions about the QI/MOC participation process, please contact the Connecticut Children’s Practice Quality Improvement Program at



Physicians who participate in Connecticut Children’s Practice Quality Improvement Program and meet ABP completion requirements are eligible to receive credit for the Part 4 Performance in Practice component of MOC and/or 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. The completion requirements are outlined below:

  • Training: Physicians are expected to demonstrate competency in quality improvement (QI). Training on quality improvement methodology, the Model for Improvement, is required and may be obtained through online curriculum, consultation with a QI expert, attending a seminar, etc. Electronic links to online QI course materials are provided upon registration in our MOC projects.
  • Meaningful Participation: Physicians are required to demonstrate "meaningful participation" by taking an active role in the MOC project and through participation over an appropriate period of time.
  • An Active Role is defined as:

o    Providing direct or consultative care to patients as part of the QI project

o    Testing changes designed to improve care by implementing project's interventions

o    Collecting, submitting, and reviewing data as outlined in project specific measurement plan

o    Attending a minimum of four project meetings demonstrating active collaboration (discussion of       cases reviewed, trends identified and changes in practice recommended or implemented)

  • Length of Participation: Physicians are expected to participate for a period of 6 to 12 months with submission of data, review of feedback reports and report on findings as outlined in program specific details. The participation requirement may be extended at the conclusion of a project based on a physician's interest or need for continued participation in order to meet "meaningful participation" requirements.
  • Completion of MOC Activity (not applicable to earning CME credits): Completion date of MOC activity including all meaningful participation requirements and training must occur during the cycle of the pediatrician's current certificate of MOC cycle to receive MOC credit.